Passing our knowledge on to you

Sedis Service Training Center

From beginners to experts, SEDIS proposes three levels of training to its partners to help them with the products it sells them.

Initial training

This e-learning course is provided to anyone wishing to learn the basics about chains. The servers – available 24/7 – allow the students to take the course at their own pace. The course is broken down into four modules lasting around twenty minutes covering transmission chains, adapted chains, handling chains and lifting and agricultural chains. On completion of this course, you will know about the different types of chains, and be able to identify them.

Advanced training

This one-day course, designed for teams that have acquired the basics, allows you to learn more about the way chains function, the types used in the main sectors of activity, and the specific Sedis treatments. It is provided by our sales engineers on our partners’ premises.

Expert training

Provided over three days on Sedis’s premises, this course is essentially designed for our distributors’ product managers wishing to acquire in-depth technical knowledge of chains and of all the related metallurgical constraints.