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Sedis Installation / Maintenance Service

Sedis Installation / Maintenance Service

This service was launched in the noughties when several customers asked SEDIS to install their chains on their sites. Further to its growing success, it was in 2013 that the SEDIS  INSTALLATION / MAINTENANCE SERVICE department was officially set up. It consists of dedicated specialists  who can ensure the on-site installation, maintenance and repair of your conveyor belts, whatever your industry.


• traveling to your site, to make a diagnosis and recommendations
• creating, modifying/improving lines
• changing installations and putting them in place
• on-site team training
• maintenance contracts, conveyor belt optimization
• maintenance

Our teams have all the required approvals (M1, M2 operating authorization, working at a height, etc.) and can work in every area of activity (food, heavy industry, energy, automotive, etc.).

SEDIS  INSTALLATION / MAINTENANCE SERVICE includes chain conveyor belt specialists, who install your equipment while complying with the assembly recommendations and taking all your constraints into account in order to guarantee optimum operation.

SEDIS  INSTALLATION / MAINTENANCE SERVICE means  peace of mind thanks to a guarantee and a single contact person for the equipment and services, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

This service is available everywhere in France and should soon be deployed abroad.

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