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Wood industry

The wood industry sector is an area that subjects the machines to severe constraints, particularly when unloading logs.

For these particularly demanding applications, SEDIS proposes conveyor chains that are extremely robust with pins and flattened and welded bushes, that are capable of bearing the loads and withstanding the impacts.

In transport areas that are often dusty, our DELTA® chain range, thanks to the hardness of the pins, offers an unrivalled service life. The thermochemical treatment invented and implemented by SEDIS, obtained after carburization, provides remarkable resistance to abrasion and to the oxidation of the chain ‘s links. This resistance is guaranteed thanks to the considerably higher surface hardness (1800 Vickers) than that obtained with conventional carburization (700 Vickers).

From the transport of  logs to the dryer, and including the bark-strippers, edgers and plank carriers, our engineers will define with you the product that will give you total satisfaction.

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