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From harvesting through to storage in grain silos, the cereal industry is subject to severe environmental constraints, linked in particular to the operating conditions in dusty and highly abrasive surroundings.

Whether for elevators or conveyor belts, SEDIS has developed technologies that are particularly well suited to these difficult conditions.

The DELTA® thermochemical treatment invented and implemented by SEDIS, obtained after carburization, provides remarkable resistance to abrasion and to the oxidation of the chain ‘s links. This resistance is guaranteed thanks to the considerably higher surface hardness (1800 Vickers) than that obtained with conventional carburization (700 Vickers).

Furthermore, SEDIS is the only manufacturer that masters this type of treatment on large-diameter pins.

In addition, in order to ensure your site’s optimum service continuity, SEDIS provides you with a complete, customized service:

Expertise: our technicians travel to your site to carry out a diagnosis on your installations. They analyze your constraints and problems, and define with you the product that will allow you to optimize your production line.
Quality: our chains – manufactured in France in our ISO 9001-certified plants – give the assurance of having a high-quality product.
Service: our “Sedis Service Installation Maintenance” department is at your service to carry out any chain  maintenance and installation operations through to a complete retrofitting of your conveyor belts and elevators.

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