The strength of a diversified culture

Why join us?

Sedis combines the qualities of a company on a human scale with Quality à la française and a modern, participative and collaborative management style, and a technical, commercial and innovative culture. In addition to this there is the dimension of an extremely dynamic international group – Murugappa – on a number of key markets in the areas of industrial and agricultural products, consumer goods and services.

What is the management style like at Sedis?

Participative  management is one of our key characteristics, improving self-reliance, encouraging communication between the departments and lowering the hierarchical barriers.

Respect for the individual, promotion of team work, versatility, improving skills, in-house promotion, advanced social policy, conviviality and a multi-cultural attitude are the assets you will find in our group.

What is the Sedis culture?

Obviously, it is basically a technical and technological culture, backed up by considerable know-how, professionalism with cutting edge skills, knowledge-sharing and transmission.

Of course, it is not only a historical culture given the longevity of the company and of its profession, but also at the same time it is a culture that is open to modernity and the challenges of tomorrow.

It is also a great service culture: services to our customers, quality of our relationship with our partners, and  our solution-oriented service.

What about gender equality ?

SEDIS supports the approach aiming to promote gender equality within the company and has obtained a global rate of 75/100 for the Professional equality index (“Index de l’égalité professionelle”).