Raising our values, taking our commitments further

Our values & commitments

Our values

Sedis promotes the values of a company on a human scale, with a reputation for excellence à la Française, boosted by an international sales strategy, with:

• varied cutting edge technical products
• a culture that has a general and specialist outlook, focusing on both the old and the modern
• attention and performance dedicated to its customers
• strong human values respectful of individuals and group dynamics
• management focusing on involvement, initiative-taking and sharing, communication with few management barriers, team spirit and conviviality, training and career development
• innovation as its driving force, both in the technical area and in the services it provides
• the strength of the Murugappa Group to which Sedis belongs, driven by the values of quality, integrity, passion, respect and responsibility.

Founded in India in 1900, Murugappa today embodies the dynamics of investment for strong industries everywhere around the world. It is a diversified, high-growth group employing 32,000 people, with 28 different activities in the areas of industrial products, agricultural produce, consumer goods and services (Abrasives, Automotive Components, Bicycles, Sugar, Farm Inputs, Fertilizers, Plantations, Organic Produce and Nutraceuticals).

The group encourages a dynamic, positive and shared outlook: together, let’s prosper with our staff, partners, companies, and society at large. Muragappa promotes a strong social policy, the development of skills, business leadership programs for learning, developing and innovating.

Our 5 major commitments

• Engaging strongly in innovation
• Engaging with an exemplary partnership model
• Engaging in the development of services
• Engaging strongly in the export market
• Engaging for progress and the future