SEDIS relies on more than 100 years’ experience with dam chains, in particular Galle chains, for designing and recommending the technical solution best suited to your constraints:

• Stainless steel chains.
• Anticorrosion treatment by Geomet or galvanization.
• Self-lubricating chains: a chain including self-lubricating bushes allowing the chain to function without lubrication, for reduced maintenance.

We are extremely responsive and flexible and have perfect mastery of the production of your chains:

• On-site visit by our engineers
• Compliance with work specifications demanding a long service life
• Dimensional precision with a regular pitch
• Selection of steels according to the needs and necessary breaking loads
• Manufacture of the components and precision assembly
• Mastery of  the pre-lubrication system

Our strength: being present on every type of hydroelectric dam: on ski jump spillways; rolling vertical lift, segment, guillotine and cylinder sluices; and flap gates.

We put all our skills to the best possible use to guarantee the highest level of safety for our customers, and that is why the major players in the area of hydroelectric dams trust us to install and maintain their chains on site.

They have placed their trust in us

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