Chain technique

Constituent parts of power transmission roller chain

Constituent parts of power transmission roller chain

SEDIS Constituent parts transmission roller chain


SEDIS chains, both standard and non-standard, are made of:

High quality steels: dimensions and adapted chemical composition for the different chain parts

The most efficient manufacturing processes:

• Special technique for the production of bushes improving the chain wear resistance (SEDIS know-how)
• Plates produced by multi-stage processing tools ensuring a regular pitch (SEDIS technology)

Adequate mechanical and heat treatments of chain parts:

• Shot peening
• Surface finishing
• Case hardening, carbonitriding, quenching, tempering …
• DELTA®treatment
• Freezing treatment
• Corrosion protection coatings (GEOMET, zinc, nickel plating, …)


SEDIS is certified ISO 9001 by the French Association for Quality Assurance (AFAQ) since 1989:

– First chain manufacturer in the world to be certified ISO 9001
– Eleventh French company to be certified ISO 9001

ISO 9001 version 2008

A sign of confidence for our customers