Strength based on multiple talents

Our professions

What are the types of job at Sedis?

The jobs are divided up into two distinct categories: production and service professions.

Production jobs

  • Operators
  • Operators/Setters who control production, read the drawings, etc. and the machine operators who must have mechanical skills.
  • Professionals: Machining operators (lathe and milling operators, fitters, etc.), Welders
  • Technicians (methods, quality, scheduling, design office, maintenance, etc.)

Service professions

  • Design and R&D:  Research Director, development and design managers
  • Sales, marketing, after sales support: sales director, pre-sale and post-sale sales technicians, sales administration, France / Export, marketing manager, web marketing, after sales support manager and technician
  • IT: systems and network administrator, ERP administrator
  • HR, accounts, purchasing: human resources directorate, HR manager, purchasing / logistics directorate, buyers, procurement suppliers, accounts directorate, management controller, accountants

What profile do our staff have?

Our staff are trained in the areas of Management, Engineering, Management / Administration, Sales and Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Technical professions (IT, industrial automation, lathe and milling operators, welders, fitters, operators, setters, planners, warehousemen), and are chosen for their talents, expertise, and  determination to satisfy our customers and progress on their behalf.

What career path can you expect at Sedis?

We take care  to ensure that our staff are committed to excellence in their job, and can evolve and see their responsibilities develop, along with international openings too.

There are various ways of joining Sedis: work-study training, direct hiring (not just work-study training). We also propose internships at different levels. From company discovery internships to six-month end-of-studies internships in every area (technical, sales, purchasing, accounting, HR, etc.). Most of our work-study trainees are hired at the end of their contracts. Quite naturally, in view of our international growth, we attach a great deal of importance to multilingual skills.

Our relationship with schools such as UTT, Ecole des Mines, EPF, ESC, l’ICAM, and other engineering schools is a strength for SEDIS regarding exchanges of knowledge, as well as for recruitment. But this does not prevent us from hiring staff from other backgrounds.