Guarantee you excellence

Our quality policy

ISO 9001 Quality

First chain certified ISO 9001 in the world, SEDIS has been engaged since 1989 in a determined policy to continuously improve the quality of its products, services and organization.

Certification has successfully been renewed every three years, and has just been extended by Bureau Veritas Certification.

This certification guarantees its customers a quality of service, that is lasting and constantly improving.
“Our priority: satisfying you!”

The commitment and responsiveness of its teams, anticipating needs and looking for technical solutions, SEDIS does everything in its power to satisfy its customers and continuously improve the quality of its services.

“Our strength: complete control over our processes, designs, production, delivery, installation and on-site maintenance”

Every day our R&D team designs the solutions for tomorrow to guarantee you get reliable, innovative products of the highest standard.

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