Brickyards and tileries

Brickyards and tileries

The brickyard and tilery sector is subject to significant productivity constraints. The chains, in particular, present in the metering hoppers, excavators, feeder conveying and dryer output belts or mangle dryers, are sensitive parts subject to an extremely abrasive environment.

SEDIS has the solution for this type of highly demanding application  with its DELTA® chains. The thermochemical treatment invented and implemented by SEDIS, obtained after carburization, provides remarkable resistance to abrasion and to the oxidation of the chain’s links. This resistance is guaranteed thanks to the considerably higher surface hardness (1800 Vickers) than that obtained with conventional carburization (700 Vickers).
Furthermore, SEDIS is the only manufacturer that masters this type of treatment on large-diameter pins.
This technology has allowed us to obtain the confidence of the major  manufacturers of production lines in this area.

They have placed their trust in us

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