Stronger together to preserve the environment


Lubrication-free chains, waste treatment, compliance with the contamination thresholds and respect for the natural surroundings, commitments to secure the future of our supply chain, SEDIS has for a long time been aware of the importance of the environment.

Innovative, environmentally friendly products

DELTA TITANIUM 2 – anti-corrosion

SEDIS DELTA Titanium 2 range
In order to comply with the environmental standards this anti-corrosion and anti-wear chain is coated with a treatment guaranteed 100% free of Chrome 6. It has a high mechanical resistance preventing any weakening by hydrogen. It is certified “No Heavy metals” in compliance with  European law (directives 2000/53/EC and 2002/95/EC).

DELTA Titanium 2 chains are available:

• for transmission, BS chains (pitch 9.525mm to 76.2mm)
• for certain conveyor chains

VERTE CHAINS – maintenance-free

SEDIS DELTA Verte range

100% eco-friendly, the  VERTE® chain range proposes solutions that operate without requiring any oil, even in humid surroundings and in water.
The absence of lubrication, while reducing the overall cost of maintenance, also makes it possible to lower the risks on your installations by:

• avoiding maintenance and contamination with oil splashes
• limiting the fire hazard
• reducing the risk of pollution

The Verte® chains are available in two different versions:

• LUB FREE VERTE (pitch  12.7mm to 25.4mm, for use at temperatures between -5°C and +80°C)
• DELTA VERTE® (pitch 31.75mm to 63.5mm, for use at temperatures between -30°C and +80°C)

A committed environmental approach

Furthermore, the company is engaged in environmental initiatives based on three main areas:

  1. 1
    Waste and effluent treatment, and sorting

    Dangerous waste is treated on regulated waste disposal sites.
    Effluent is treated in-house before being discharged and is subject to self-monitoring.
    Sorting is carried out to separate ordinary waste into five main categories: wood, metals, plastics, paper & cardboard, electrical material (batteries,  fluorescent tubes, etc.).

  2. 2
    Compliance with the pollution thresholds and respect for our natural surroundings
  3. 3
    The European REACH directive No. 1907/2006

    • SEDIS has put in place a process aiming to ensure the company is fully compliant with these regulations
    • It undertakes to register the substances concerned by these regulations or to have them registered
    • It undertakes to secure its supply chain for the future

Turned towards the future, Sedis is already working on the chains for tomorrow’s industries: new types of energy, sustainable development, equipment for the mobility of the cities of the future