Meeting all your needs

Documents for helping to select chains

Our technicians can define the chain you need using two types of information:

– your installation’s  technical characteristics
– the dimensions of your existing chain

SEDIS places downloadable pre-formatted documents at your disposal  that you can add to your quotation request to help you choose your chain.

SEDIS Note the dimensions of your existing chain

Fill in your installation’s characteristics

This document will allow you to provide the information concerning the functional specification for your installation: the chain’s function and speed, the conveyor belt’s length and load, etc.

The information you provide will remain confidential, and will be used to check that the chain that we are proposing for you is correctly sized for your intended use.

SEDIS Complete your installation's technical characteristics

Note the dimensions of your existing chain

This document lists all the dimensions we will need to select the right chain for you.

Thanks to the simple diagrams, the dimensions to be noted will be easy to identify, and all you will have to do is note the measured dimensions in the table provided.