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Amusement parks

Merry-go-round manufacturers continually seek to offer ever-more spectacular attractions. All the same, the safety of their future users remains the priority. And this is why the quality of each critical part, the  chains in particular, must be irreproachable.

From roller coasters to  water rides, SEDIS  proposes a whole range of top-end products, manufactured in our French ISO 9001-certified plants. Backed up by its 70 years’ experience, SEDIS can adapt its chains to meet your requirements and offer solutions that are particularly well suited to the utilization constraints of amusement parks:

• Anticorrosion treatment
• Axial greasing technology for the pins, and VERTE® chain technology for operating in humid surroundings or in water
DELTA chains for increased resistance to wear and abrasion

Our engineers can define with you the chain and  gears that will allow you to keep your maintenance operations to a minimum during the high season.

Furthermore, our SEDIS SERVICE INSTALLATION / MAINTENANCE team can offer you all its expertise for the complete on-site installation of your chains.

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