SEDIS, backed up by 40 years of research and development in the area of escalators, is the specialist for spare parts for escalators and moving walkways.

Expertise that allows us to propose more than 300 different models of chains: hollow-pin chains, chains with extended step pins, twin-strand chains with rollers inside or outside the chain, as well as all types of auxiliary chains (transmission, handrail, auxiliary shaft, etc.).

We can adapt the technology to the environment in which the escalator must operate:

• Standard articulation with axial and internal greasing
DELTA® articulation for escalators coming out to the open air
Lubrication-free VERTE® chain ensuring significantly lower maintenance costs and fire risks owing to the presence of lubricants

Our cutting edge technology has allowed us to build up the loyalty of the most prestigious customers, and consolidate our presence in the metros and airports of the largest cities in the world, from Paris to Montreal, and including Hong Kong, Cairo and Mexico City.

They have placed their trust in us

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