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Sugar industry

Whether they produce sugar by extraction from sugar beet or from sugarcane, the sugar industries are subject to intensive yield constraints owing, in particular, to their campaign system of operation. During a very short lapse of time, they are going to function 24/7. No production downtime is permitted during this period.

The SEDIS chains, thanks to their high degree of reliability, offer their users the assurance of an incident-free campaign.

Chains are used all along the sugar-making process: from the harvesters to the intermediate feeders, along with the cane feeders, weed pullers, or the bagasse conveyors for the sugarcane part; and the stone removers, diffusers, dehydrators or feeders for sugar beet.

Each installation is the subject of an in-depth study by our engineers of the production constraints inherent to each site, in order to propose a unique and appropriate solution assuring our customers of the continuity of their production process throughout the campaign.

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