The forces of innovation dedicated to all industries


Sedis has always managed to surpass itself and innovate. From standard to made-to-measure chains for new industrial projects, we cater for the whole variety of needs with chains suited to every challenge. Producing the necessary technological effort, increasing robustness, defying time.

We are a company turned towards the future, we are already thinking about making the chains for the cities of tomorrow, those for the new types of energy and for the food industries which will have to feed 9 billion people in 2050.

The SEDIS Design and Research Center

Sedis has its own Design and Research Center.

Its mission: adapting our chains to new processes, making prototypes, performing tests in the laboratory and at our customers’ facilities, developing new products and innovative applications.

Always going further for an ever-higher performance

We work essentially on improving  the performance of the materials to meet increasingly precise special or standard requirements for chain applications: ever-more stringent installation safety requirements, fragility of the materials subject to great temperature fluctuations to cope with increasingly visible climate changes. The food industry,  for example, is becoming increasingly demanding in terms of health and of the cleanliness if its installations, requiring the use of  chemically aggressive products. These applications require high-performance corrosion-resistant materials to maintain high industrial production rates, and also to resist the aggression of the cleaning products used.

These improvements may also concern the surface properties of the materials to increase resistance to wear and/or corrosion in increasingly aggressive environments:  marine atmospheres, steel industry, water treatment, energy, etc.

At Sedis, we are always looking for new solutions, the best selection of suppliers, improvements in the area of lubricants, in the shape of parts, in the details… At every moment, each step forwards counts

Taking up the challenges

We are pursuing our works on grease- and oil-free products for applications where there is a risk of pollution such as for the energy sector (dams, locks, etc.). In this particular case, the challenges are numerous: the chains must comply with new, more stringent mechanical resistance requirements, have a better resistance to impacts at low temperatures,  non-lubrication of the chain without any change in its dimensions so it can fit in relatively old and difficultly modifiable installations.


Ensuring predictability

Predictive maintenance is one of the major orientations taken by our research program. We are working on an interface that will make it possible to retrieve as much information as possible from the chain to compile it  and deduce behavioral laws so we can know the chain’s wear status remotely. In other words SEDIS wants to connect up to the chain so we can get all its latest news.

The goal is to ensure the chains last as long as possible, in an autonomous way so we can lighten the maintenance constraints.

Continuously developing our research partnerships